Why a data center in your company?

Years ago, data centers seemed destined to work exclusively for large companies: those that had information flows and required data processing centers, given the number of their clients. But those days are gone.

The rise of electronic commerce, the staging of digital marketing strategies and the new dynamics that information and communication technologies offer the world, have meant that each company possess a significant amount of privileged information about customers, age ranges, purchase times and interests. Information that, well managed, can guarantee the success of any endeavor.

The data centers have adapted to this new reality and have developed services, not only to store valuable information of a company, but also to automate their processes and guarantee that each enterprise takes advantage of 100 % its data.

In Colombia, and as a response to the new realities, data center services are increasingly affordable. Some of these operate in Free Trade Zones to guarantee the security of their services and offer a much better final rate to their new clients.

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In what ways can a data center make your business more productive? Here are some:

First, a data center will allow your company to focus on your core business. Productivity is the utopia of every entrepreneur in the world nowadays; it is a very well-known word, yet little achieved because most companies and people have to deal with problems related to their workflow, customer service and information management on a daily basis. All these situations reduce the ability of management teams to keep the ship afloat and to focus on sales or product development.

Secondly, a data center will be responsible for storing your company’s information in a secure manner. If you are one of those who have already entered the virtual world and manage customer data through CRM channels, e-commerce data, results of campaigns on digital platforms and above all detailed information of their processes (the know-how of your company), it is time to think about the best way to protect that information.

And protect it, not only in files with key words and security strategies, but also with specialized hardware and machinery containing such data. Today this type of care requires very specialized protocols and services that only the datacenter provides.

And thirdly, the data center can help automate your processes and services. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence now, you can establish automated customer service channels and monitor the tasks of each area of ​​your company through project management platforms. All through data center

In a world where information has become an invaluable asset is the task of every company (in some cases, in lagging) to make the best use of their data and protect them. How will you take care of yours? There are two ways: you can try to establish your own servers to protect all of your know-how with a limited human resources and resources at hand, or you can trust an expert and ensure the computer security of your company and the welfare of your business.

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