10.865 m2 rentable for Offices, 30% Occupation 7.673 m2 AVAILABLE for rent.


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ZF Towers Call Center 114D

Specialized building for the call center sector, work spaces from 50 work stations.


  • Administrative offices.
  • Work spaces provided with stations with voice and data points.
  • Structured wiring with "cat 6 UTP cable" for work stations.
  • Regulated energy and generators.
  • Pedestal substation of 500 KVA wich, transforms 13,800 V/ 208v.
  • UPS of 75 KVA per operative area, "Online" for workstations
  • Fire network with piping system,sprinklers and sensors distributed throughout the building 
  • Ventilations system and natural lighting designed to save electricity. 
  • Independent electrical rooms for each wing.
  • 6 training wings of 24 positions each (2 for each floor)
  • Pleasant working environments and cafeteria per floor
  • Batteries of bathrooms per floor.
  • 52 parking spaces available.
  • Elevator for the disabled.
  • 2 fire escapes.

ZF Towers Services & Technology Park

Competitiveness and growth for service and outsourcing companies

We have the main requirements of infrastructure, technology and services that meet the needs of more than 32 companies, employing 13,000 people in spaces with high standards of quality, efficiency, infrastructure and sustainability in Bogotá and Cali.

Integrate your business to our service and technology park, a constantly growing business community that unites national and international companies in a single place in search of high standards of quality, efficiency, infrastructure and sustainability.

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