ZF Towers 135A building has LEED Gold Certification, granted by the Green Building Council (USGBC) in the U.S., the council for sustainable construction at national level in the United States.

The building complies with the highest standards of sustainability, environmental responsibility, comfort and quality of life for its users. Buildings with LEED certification generate savings between 30% and 70% in energy consumption, from 30% to 50% in water use and a up to 90% waste reduction.


In Bogotá and Cali, We have the main requirements of infrastructure, technology and services that meet the needs of more than 32 companies, employing 13,000 people in spaces with high standards of quality, efficiency, infrastructure and sustainability.


Office spaces from 150m2, ideal for service companies. The ideal space for your outsourcing or business operation.

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Personalized offers: Spaces from 130m2, turnkey solutions for BPO work stations, advice and support in infrastructure and maintenance.

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White areas suitable for the IT needs of customers, spaces from 170m2 with the possibility of expansion, scalability and modularity.

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Products in Bogotá

ZF Towers Services & Technology Park is located in the Bogota Free Trade Zone, in Bogotá Colombia, 1.5 km from El Dorado International Airport and close to Av. Ciudad de Cali and Av. Boyacá, two main roads. It is the most important free trade zone of Colombia.

Products in Cali

ZF Towers Versailles is located in the city of Cali in one of the most central areas on Av 4Nte Calle 25 Norte, which has multiple access roads and connectivity. Access to the main roads of the city: Las Americas Avenue, Vásquez Cobo Avenue, Station Avenue, 2N Avenue, 3N Avenue, 6N Avenue.


Dra. Liliana Rocio Simbaqueba Gutierrez

General Manager

"LiSim has been in the Free Trade Zone of Bogotá for 15 years, growing year after year in experience and benefits. Although we started as exporters, nowadays we are a KPO company. As part of ZF Towers Services & Technology Park within the Bogota Free Zone we have a special nationality in an oasis inside the city, where we share the spirit of social and environmental responsibility and work as a team thanks to a spacious workspace."

Integrate your business to our service and technology park, a constantly growing business community that unites national and international companies in a single place in search of high standards of quality, efficiency, infrastructure and sustainability.