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ZF Towers Services & Technology Park

Competitiveness and growth for service and outsourcing companies

We have the main requirements of infrastructure, technology and services that meet the needs of more than 32 companies, employing 13,000 people in spaces with high standards of quality, efficiency, infrastructure and sustainability in Bogotá and Cali.


We have a comprehensive solution that offers 360º coverage to meet your infrastructure needs, strengthen your competitive advantage and facilitate your value processes.

Zona Franca de Bogotá


  • 2 submarine cable nodes.
  • 15 broadband providers with last mile delivery.
  • Fiber optic cabling.
  • Permanent technological support.


  • Total replacement power plants.
  • Energy price at the stock exchange price and economies of scale for the entire park.
  • Redundant and efficient energy.
  • Energy capacity for common areas up to 1000KVA and for offices 800KVA.
  • Chiller ventilation for greater energy efficiency.
  • Double energy supply at different voltage levels.


  • Double security mesh perimeter and access control throughout the park.
  • Internal security patrol.
  • Control and monitoring center 24 hours.
  • Control of entry and exit of vehicles and pedestrians with card reader.
  • Closed circuit TV.
  • Fire protection network.


Services and technology park does not stop. We are permanently growing, know the business and have a clear vision of the future.

Availability today and in the future

  • Today ZFB has a capacity for more than 13,000 people. With ZF Towers 135A and ZF Towers Versalles we will expand to 16,000 m2 more space for an additional 3,600 jobs approximately.

Custom Offers

  • Spaces from 130 and up to meet your business requirements.
  • We provide advice and support for infrastructure and maintenance.
  • Turnkey solution for BPO jobs:


We facilitate business development.

  • In Bogota we have a competitive, enterprising community of great importance in the economy. It integrates more than 32 service and technology companies with complementary resources for the operation of your business, all of which allow you to develop alliances that transform, energize and strengthen.


We promote human talent that generates value.


  • Our projects are located in important urban areas of Bogotá and Cali, facilitating access to human talent, generating employment for the community and providing qualified personnel for companies that are part of ZF Towers Services & Technology Park.

Employment website

  • Site
  • Data base of job profiles with more than 38,000 resumes.
  • Local government, university and community employment network to promote job offers at ZF TOWERS.
  • Job offers from different sectors and professional levels.
  • Mobilization of more than two thousand vacancies per year.

Academic programs

Academic programs: technical, technological, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in specialized training to satisfy the demands of the sector. Among others:

  • Voice and data for BPO.
  • Management of micro credits.
  • BPO management.
  • Network installation and computer maintenance.
  • Bilingual programs.


As part of the Global Compact since 2007, we participate in the executive committee in Colombia thus aligning with the global policies of sustainability and development, providing support to the companies in the park to assist in their implementation and execution.

Responsible Management

  • We built a culture of responsible management, generating synergies with the companies in the park to develop joint actions to generate greater benefits for the stakeholders.

Access our programs

  • Plans for efficient water and energy use.
  • Waste management program.
  • Sensitization and strengthening of social responsibility strategies.
  • Development of business plans for sustainable mobility.
  • Incentives to alternative means of mobility for individuals and groups. VOICE and data for BPO.


  • Optimization of management of resources.
  • Positive impact on the indicators of sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  • Project reputation and prestige celebrated by clients, collaborators and other interest groups.


We have the main requirements of infrastructure, technology and services in Bogotá and Cali that meet the needs of more than 32 companies, employing 13,000 people in spaces with high standards of quality, efficiency, infrastructure and sustainability.


Office spaces from 150m2, ideal for service companies. The ideal space for your outsourcing or business operation.

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Personalized offers: Spaces from 130m2, turnkey solutions for BPO work stations, advice and support in infrastructure and maintenance.

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White areas suitable for the IT needs of customers, spaces from 170m2 with the possibility of expansion, scalability and modularity.

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Integrate your business into our service and technology park, a constantly growing business community that unites national and international companies in a single place in search of high standards of quality, efficiency, infrastructure and sustainability.

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